The Vulcans

We are Vulcans, Logic - driven species. We are Engineers from Diverse Backgrounds and we love to innovate. We are in the quest of the one of the most important ingredient for Life, Water into the unknown realm of Near Earth Asteroids. We plan to refuel our spacecraft along the way with water as propellant and make Human Deep Space Exploration possible.

Who We Are

What We Do

Water, one of the most important building blocks of Life is present in large amounts on asteroids which can be used as rocket fuel, as life support for astronauts and also as Radiation shield. As such, water can be the key for human Deep Space Explorationandpotentially setting up human Space Colonies. The Earth cannot be exploited anymore and one of the solutions is mining potential Near Earth Asteroids which contain valuable metals and minerals. While bringing back valuable metals like gold and platinum from asteroids to Earth and selling them at high prices seems a natural choice, we can do more than that. In this report, we present the concept of asteroid mining Robot to extract water from C-type asteroids, autonomously. The prospect asteroid selected for our mission is(341843) 2008 EV5. The proposed Lander design involves the structure, methods of mining and different subsystems which are crucial for the mission, especially for the mining phase.

The Various subsystems we have worked on:

Environmental Analysis

Lander Design

Drilling Assembly and Mobility Intuition

Microspine Anchoring Technology

Sensors and Cameras

Power Subsystem

Thermal Control System Analysis and Design

Water Electrolysis Propulsion

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